iAgrams is an app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. It allows bellringers to view change-ringing methods and organise them into collections.

iAgrams for Apple devices can be downloaded from the App Store.

To install iAgrams on an Android device, you need the iagrams.apk file. Instructions for installing it are in the FAQ section.

If you are not a change-ringer then this web site, and the iAgrams app, will not make much sense to you. If you want to find out about change-ringing then this article is a good place to start.

What does iAgrams do?

iAgrams displays the line, grid or rows (changes) of a method. It allows methods to be organised into collections, and makes it easy to step through the methods in a particular collection.

What does iAgrams not do?

iAgrams does not produce sound. It is not a ringing simulator.

Who is iAgrams produced by?

The author of iAgrams is Simon Gay, who rings at St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow.

How much does iAgrams cost?

iAgrams is free. This is because I have benefited enormously from free software such as GNU/Linux, LaTeX, Eclipse, Java, SML/NJ and Python. iAgrams is my small contribution to the world of free software.

Will there be upgrades of iAgrams?

There will be new versions from time to time. The main feature planned for a future version is automatic updates of the method libraries. If you have suggestions for other features, please email simon@iAgrams.co.uk.

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